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August 2010


The staff  at For The Love of Gardens would love to hear about your recent purchase.  Please email us about your shopping experience.  Was your garden decor everthing you hoped it would be.  Let us know!


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For The Love of Gardens


About Us


We are a premier internet source for quality garden décor and wild bird products.   Our missions are to provide you with an excellent selection of high quality products at a great value.   We believe our fast shipping, pleasant and secure shopping experience and dedicated customer service department are the corner stone to our business.    By far the most important part of our business is you the customer.  We take pride in servicing all your garden and wild bird needs.


How the company got started.


The idea of “For the Love of Gardens” was inspired by my love for gardening.   As a child I would help both my Grandmothers with their vegetable garden and flower gardens.  It started in early spring preparing the garden for planting.  Then the plants would go in and be nurtured into beautiful vegetable producing flower producing plants.   My Mother would always plant beautiful flowers in the beds around the house and in planters on the front porch.  The house and yard always looked complete after all the planting was done in early spring.   As I grew up and had a place of my own I started with house plants and slowly started to add flower beds in every area of the yard possible.  When I had to move it was always difficult since you left everything behind.  Now I have my perfect house with my oh so perfect gardens.  We started out by taking every shrub around the house out and created magnificent gardens.  Every possible inch of my yard is yes you guessed it gardens.   There are six big magnificent trees around my house and in-between all of them are flower beds.   During the winters the season I like least I spend searching for the next big spring garden project.  Last year it was to find a way to turn a big colorful urn into a water feature.   First to find the reservoir then all the fittings and finally the perfect water spritzer for the top. By the time spring was here I could not wait to start the project.  I had purchased everything I needed and it was time to set up the fountain.  It was beautiful when I was done and exactly what I had envisioned.   With every project I found it harder and harder to find exactly the items I need without going to several different stores.     I thought if it was this difficult for me it must be the same for other gardeners.  So the idea of having a garden décor site was born. As my research began I put together a list of the items I wished to carry.  Each and every item has a purpose in the garden.  Statues and gnomes add a sense of style, signs, garden stakes add height and can be used for trailing vines, stepping stones keep you from walking thru the flowers, plaques look fabulous on the fence or shed.  Sundials if positioned correctly will tell you the time of day. By far my favorite garden décor item is the gazing ball, the suns reflections is so beautiful off the glass.  Then I took another look at my own garden, no garden is complete without birdbaths, bird feeders, bird houses.  At the end of the day you can sit back and watch the birds come flocking into your garden to find worms in the fresh turned soil and to take a fresh drink of water.  To compliment it all you have to have wind chimes.  That soothing melody that blows thru the trees is very relaxing as you lay in your hammock after a long day of tending to your garden.   My final thought was research.  I save every article I find that is interesting or that I may need for future projects.   So in addition to great garden décor you will find articles about gardening, garden décor, birds and some simple how to projects.

 My commitment to all of you fellow garden lovers is to bring you the best quality, selection and value to meet all your garden décor needs.  Whether you are looking for that perfect item for your own garden or a gift for the garden lover in your life you will find it here at For the love of Gardens.  May your gardens always be breathtaking and the envy of your neighborhood.


Happy Gardening

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