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August 2010


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May 2nd, 2011 at 7:50 am


People who enjoy gardening are often looking for unique ways to expand their look of their garden. Water fountains are always a great option. Best of all, anyone can find a garden fountain in their price range or size constraint.
Water Fountains
A garden fountain can be an interesting focal point in any backyard or neighborhood garden. Water fountains can also add to a relaxing atmosphere. There are a wide variety of water fountains available to fit anyone’s budget or size requirement.
Water fountains can be made of stone, wood, fiberglass or bamboo, to name a few. Some can even be solar-powered, so they are not only visually appealing, but eco-friendly! A garden fountain can either be a focal point within a garden that stands out or something that blends in to its garden and landscape surroundings comfortably. The choices are absolutely limitless!
If someone would like a garden fountain, but doesn’t have the space for a large stand-alone unit, such as on a condo patio or apartment balcony, a table top fountain may be a better choice. These water fountains offer many of the same love designs and features as a stand-alone unit, without the space requirement or cost associated with a larger fountain. Some water fountains even have a fire bowl, which is a great option to enjoy at night and certainly a unique feature!
Another unique option when considering water fountains is a wall fountain or sconce. It can bring a different look to an outside area. If someone wants water fountains inside, a glass free-standing fountain could be a good option. It can be a real conversation piece!
Ultimately, whatever style or size of the many water fountains available an individual selects, many enjoy the calm sound of the water moving through the fountain. Someone is available for everyone, regardless of their budget or size constraint.
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February 5th, 2011 at 3:36 pm


Planning the perfect garden
Today our outdoor space is an extension of our indoor living space. To make the most of our outdoors it is important to first layout and draw a plan. This will allow you to plan for every detail you would like to incorporate into your outdoor space. It is also easier to make changes with a pencil than a shovel.  First start by deciding how you will use this space. Do you do a lot of entertaining or plan to have your family meals outdoors and therefore need a patio?   Would you enjoy sitting outside to relax after a long day at work? Then you will need to plan a bench, a bistro table or maybe even a hammock into your garden. Do you love the sound that a water feature would provide? How big or small and in what location would you add your water feature? Keep in mind you will need to have electricity nearby.     Are you planning to use this space in the evening and would love to add some lighting for atmosphere. What is the overall look and feel you are trying to accomplish?  When you look out into your garden from inside your home what will you see. Keep this in mind when planning focal points. The style of your landscape should match the style of your house, but it's also a reflection on your personality. Let’s take a look into a few of these key points in the planning process.
There are many different styles of gardens; you may even consider mixing elements from different styles. This may help you to accomplish the look you are trying to portray. In a formal style garden there are straight lines and perfect geometrical shapes. The plantings are orderly, not random. The plantings are pruned to maintain the formal effect. In an informal design beds have curving edges rather than straight lines. The plants are placed almost at random. English garden style is designed to harmonize with the architecture of the home. Its features mass plantings of shrubs and perennials.    A decorative picket fence gives this style garden the feel of an English cottage yard. You can also combine styles; a formal / informal garden could have a formal brick walkway with the informal plantings. In a Japanese garden a pond, plant life, rocks and other features all meld together into the landscape. This garden should be a place to relax and be calm. A water garden designed with a large pond, waterfall and some fish can be done large or small depending on your space. A serenity garden reflects your ideas of peace and tranquility. Relaxation, spiritual themes, a place of tranquility. There is no set theme in this type of garden. You can incorporate wind chimes and the soothing sound of running water. Therefore whatever your idea of relaxation and tranquility are right for you. Maybe Mediterranean gardens with their variety of colors and old world charm. This garden includes stone, ceramics, fountains or ponds that lend a cooling and relaxing atmosphere to the garden. There are many more styles.   Pick a style that creates the look and feel you want for your garden oasis. Keep in mind the style of your house should not be in conflict with the style of your garden.    An English Cottage will not look appealing with a formal garden.   
Creating the perfect entrance
Just like the front entrance to your home has a walkway leading to the front door so should your garden. A garden arbor placed in the correct location can be the entrance to you garden paradise. The garden arbors could possibly be the oldest garden structure of western civilization dating back to ancient Egypt. Today garden arbors can create a stylish entranceway into your garden or a divider from one room to another.   By adding a bench or swing you can create a destination point to sit and relax.    You should pick an arbor that reflects or compliments the architectural style of your home.    A more formal look tends to be white with a permanent look. Informal is the most popular and is not limited to color or style.   A pergola is similar in style usually used to cover a patio area used for dining or relaxing. There is nothing is more beautiful than an arbor or trellis covered with climbing roses or honeysuckle.
Walkways or paths
Garden paths or walkways can be a decorative and artistic way to continue the beauty of the garden. They transform a plain yard into a beautiful elaborate garden. Another reason we have walkways is to protect your lawn and flowers from being trampled. The type of walkway you choose should enhance the natural beauty of your garden. The look and feel you want your garden to convey will determine if you choose a natural looking dirt path, or stepping stones. Maybe a more structured formal look of pavers may lend itself to a more formal feel for your garden.   Keep in mind when you plan your walkway the focal points in your garden.   Layout the straight lines and curves to add beauty and enhance your focal points in the garden. At the corner of your walkway set a statue in the garden. It will serve as a focal point before the walkway turns in another direction. It will create a destination and place of interest in your garden path.
Chose the right plant material
Choosing the right plant material is more than sun, shade and drought tolerant. Similar shapes and colors support a theme. A long walkway of boxwoods or driveway of trees creates reputation. This defines and leads to the entrance.     Use form, texture and color to create contrast. Remember a little contrast is good and pleasing to the eyes. Too much is confusing and unrelaxing to the eyes. Use colors that complement one another, combine different textured plants to create the perfect look. Scale is also very important. Keep in mind the size or your space before choosing your plant material. Remember there are a lot of dwarf varieties on the market today. Bigger is not always better. Balance is also very important. Create you center point it could be the front door or a tree in the backyard.   The elements on either side of your center point are mirror images therefore creating balance. If you plant a dwarf weeping cheery on one side you can plant a red leaf maple on the other. Therefore creating balance.  Texture is also important to create contrast. There are many different forms of textures, smooth, rippled, even prickly.   As many different forms of textures there are equally number of ways to combine textures.   Combine many styles to create harmony, contrast and unity in your garden.
Garden accents
Accents and focal points serve to make a garden more interesting. A single statue placed in the right location can make the difference between drab and beautiful. Occasional accents, such as a statue, bird bath or planter help create balance.   It is a focal point that stands out within all the plant material. A small fountain can take you back to a wonderful island getaway. Creates a calming relaxing atmosphere. The soothing sounds of wind chimes as the warm breeze dances thru the trees. A piece of whimsical garden art takes you back to your childhood. The birdbath that attracts the wildlife into your yard. Watch the antics of the birds as you relax in your hammock. The best variety of garden accents can be found on line. Browse the assortments to find the perfect addition to your garden sanctuary. 

Visit us at www.fortheloveofgardens.com to find the perect decor for any garden.


The staff at For the Love of Gardens

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November 18th, 2010 at 5:51 pm

We all love to watch the beautiful birds that come into our yards.  It is especially important to feed them all year long.

The winter months are extremely hard for birds to find the right source of food to give them energy and sustain them

during the long cold winter.  Stock up now.  We have a large selection of bird feeders, bird houses and bird baths.

They also make a wonderful holiday gift. 


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