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August 2010


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Attract Birds to Your Garden with a Bird bath!

The most important feature to add to your garden to attract birds is water.  If you already are feeding our feather friends you have a large variety of birds already in your yard. Not all birds are seed eaters, so they are not drawn to bird feeders. Read more....

How To Attract Beautiful Butterflies To Your Garden

Today there is a growing interest in butterfly gardens. Perhaps this is due to their beauty or your desire to help preserve this beautiful winged creature. With their native habitats being cleared for strip malls and housing developments the butterfly is in need of our help. The butterfly garden can be an entire garden dedicated to butterflies or a small section of your garden.    Either way the main goal is to attract butterflies.

Welcome Birds With A Bird House

Land development and harvesting of forests have displaced prime breeding habitats for many birds. Today more than ever birds need our help. The woodlands are being cleared to make room for strip malls and new home developments. With the native habitats being destroyed you will begin to see less and less birds in your yard. If you are like many native wildlife enthusiast you want to help preserve the bird population. By putting up bird houses in your yard you will help maintain healthy populations of birds. The average wood bird house can last up to 10 years thus providing a nesting place for over 50 birds during that time. In addition to providing food and water we need to give our feathered friends a place to nest. There are over 50 species of birds that nest in cavities of trees When they are unable to find natural nesting locations they readily adapt to manmade bird houses or nesting boxes. Therefore there is no single bird house that would be suitable for all birds.  

So Many Birds So Many Bird Feeders!
How do you attract birds to your yard? That’s easy food, water and a good home.   . Different birds are attracted by different seeds and feeders, so different combinations of both will attract the most variety of birds.   Each feeder also accommodates different types of seed.  Successful bird feeding depends on the placement of the bird feeder and the kinds of seeds offered. There are many varieties made of wood, plastic, glass, stone or metal. Wooden feeders are considerably the most popular since they blend in with the backyard scenery.
Weathervanes Add Height And Interest To Your Roof!

Weathervanes are the oldest weather instrument dating back to 48 BC in Greece. The Tower of the Winds built by the astronomer Andronicus in Athens honored the Greek sea god Triton. The figure depicted Triton with the head and torso of a man and the tail of a fish. The Gods Boreas, Aeolus, Hermes, and Mercury decorated the villas of the wealthy in Greece and pre-Christian Rome.  Scandinavian churches and Viking ships in the 9th century had bronze quadrant shapes surmounted by animals. These weather vanes can be seen even today in Sweden and Norway.

Create A Path Thru Your Garden With Stepping Stones

Stepping stone paths go back to the late 16th century, introduced to Japanese garden design for the practice of the tea ceremony. The tea garden is called Roji in Japanese. The stepping stones called tobi-ishi were created so the visitors would not have to walk over the mossy ground. This would serve as a way to guide the visitor to a certain destination as well as preserve the grass.

Water Fountains Add A Unique Look To A Garden


People who enjoy gardening are often looking for unique ways to expand their look of their garden. Water fountains are always a great option. Best of all, anyone can find a garden fountain in their price range or size constraint.
Unique Bird Houses for Different Bird Species


Whether someone is an avid bird watcher or just enjoys watching birds interact in their backyard, bird houses can be a great addition to a backyard or open space and provide important and safe housing for neighborhood birds and their chicks.
The Fun Of Sundials


Sundials can be traced back to 3500 B.C. and have been enjoyed and used for time-tracking purposes since. Today they are still used in wonderful ways to accentuate a backyard or garden in a variety of different styles and designs.
The Fun of Garden Statuary


From fairies to gnomes to angels and more, garden statuary can be both unique and fun!
24 Articles: Page 1 of 3
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