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August 2010


The staff  at For The Love of Gardens would love to hear about your recent purchase.  Please email us about your shopping experience.  Was your garden decor everthing you hoped it would be.  Let us know!


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Happy Gardening!
For The Love of Gardens


Read Our Positive Testimonials

Read why everyone loves our customer service and our product quality! We carry a wide range of garden decor products sure to catch attention and we provide the best customer service with a smile.

"I was browing the web looking for a garden related item for my Mother's birthday.  I came across this site and loved the look so I started to browse around.  The gazing balls were gorgeous.  I purchased a blue glass gazing ball and my Mother loved it.  I will be back for more the experience was easy and check out was fast."

Kelly B,
Manhattan NY



"A friend of mine sent me a link to For the Love of Gardens and said I would love the gardening products that they carried.  I never checked it out.  She then asked if I purchased anything from the site and I said no. Kelly could not believe I did not find anything to buy with the great selection.  I admitted I had not been on the site.  Boy once I did I found lots.  first a cat statue then next time a hammock now I am hooked.  Customer service was fabulous!!!"

Sandy T.
Chicago, IL



"The website was easy to navigate and check out a breeze. I cannot wait to get my fountain." 


Jim H. 

 Ft. Lauderdale, FL.



"Everyone is quick to complain when customer service is horrible.  I have to say that For the Love of Gardens is outstanding in customer service. I received my order confirmation, then my shipment tracking info then once my order came a follow up email asking how I liked my birdbath and the shopping experience.  On a scale from 1 to 10  I give them a 20.  Great job it is good to see someone actually cares about the customer. "


Sam L.

Jacksonville, GA


"Great customer service, extremely fast shipping. "


Terri L 

 Medford NY


"I ended up on For the Love of Gardens when doing research about bird feeders.  I found an article about bird feeders and when I was done there was a link at the bottom of the article to this site.  I found the article extremely helpful in learning what type of feeder was best for my first bird feeder.  I then purchased the feeder and have been enjoying it for several weeks.  I will be back for my next feeder it was a pleasure to do business with For the Love of Gardens. "


Jason B. 

Wiles Barre PA


"My first great online shopping experience." 


Sharon K. 

Salisbury, MD


" I called to ask a question about the Bird feeder sale and was greeted by a very friendly and accomadating customer service rep.  It turned out to be my error on the computer.  She was able to help me finalize my order and sent me a easy to follow shopping guide for future use. Now that is CUSTOMER SERVICE WITH A SMILE. "


 Robin L

Santa Monica, CA


"My first order from For the Love of Gardens was delayed due to a manufacturing problem.  I recieved an email and phone call about the delay.  I was given several options, both made me happy and I got my birdbath with expediated shipping at no extra cost.  I wil be back this is a great site who cares about their customers.  You can't say that about so many other companies now a days."


Thank  you Thank you

Cindy K. 

 Atlanta, GA


"Boy was I surprised.  I received my order on time as stated.  However one of the gazing ball stakes had a broken globe.  I called customer service and the call went to voice mail saying all operators were busy.  So I figured I would have to call back until I got a live person.  To my surprise before I had a chance to call back they called me.  The long and short of it all they had another stake sent to me and I had it within 3 days.  They glow in the dark at night and I love them.  I will be a repeat customer."


Thanks again. 

Jim K.

Salem, NH


"Great customer service, fast shipping and fabulous product selection.  The website was very easy to use and my windchime is beautiful.

I told all my friends about For the Love of Gardens.  I will be a repeat customer." 


 Mike S

Mattituck NY


"What a great website.  I was attracted to the site by the name when it popped up in my google search.  The assortment of gardening products was amazing.  I could not stop at just one.  I found 4 items,  garden stakes and a gazing ball and stand.  I cannot wait until they arrive.  I will be back again and again."


Cathy R

Seattle WA


"My Aunt sent me a link to your site.  She said it was everything I love for my garden.  And she was so right!  My wish list is always things to brighten up my garden.   Love Love your products and the shipping was quick and the site easy to use.  Great Job.  Keep updating your inventory I am hooked."


 Sally J 

Tucson AR


"I shop For the Love of Gardens all the time.  It is my first stop and I have told all my friends.  I always find something new and exciting.

Keep up the good work. "


 Jason P.

Daytona Beach, FL


"I love to find new places to shop.  The catchy name caught my eye.  The great product lines and customer service will keep me coming back."


Sally R

Providence, RI


"All I can say is fantastic customer service and easy to use website.  I am hooked.  I would shop here again and tell all my friends." 


Anna T

Cincinnati, OH


"Everyone can say great customer service but not everyone can proove it.  I had a problem with my ordering and when I called in for help the customer service department was very accomadating.  We finished my order and they sent me a thank you and a coupon for another purchase.  Now that is how it should be done if only more people who say they care actaully did."


Thanks again. 

Rachel M 

Palm Springs


"Love Love your website." 



John S

 Cape Cod MA


"My niece was helping me find something for my brother for his birthday.  She is one smart cookie she looked where her father had been searching on line.  And found 3 places. For the Love of Gardens was one.  I could not find just one bird feeder I found two.  He is going to love them.  He is nuts abouts birds.  And what an assorment of feeders.  He is going to be so suprised and also wonder how we found this site.  It will be  a funny story. "


Monika Q

 Dover, DE


"Love my sundial, no one in my neighborhood has one.  Which I love to be the first.  It is beautiful and was just what I wanted.  Great selection fast shipping easy to purchase.  For the Love of Gardens you are the best. "


Sam R,

Jackson MI


"I forgot our anniversary.  Yes I did and my wife had told me exactly what she wanted. So now I have less than a week to make it happen.

She not only told me what she wanted but an exact item name.  It was a garden statue.  I called customer service and prayed they could help make it happen. And YES they did.  I never shopped her before and was nervious waiting for the package to arrive. But it did right on our anniversary as promised.  My wife was so happy that she got her statue and that I had listened and did not forget.  Boy was that close thank you for making it happen and keeping me out of the dog house."


Tim R

 Austin Texas


"Great products keep them coming."


 Dominicia T.

Forked River NJ


"When I looked all over and could not find what I wanted I called customer service. They said to give them a few days and they would see what they could do.  I was not expecting them to call back. But they did. They could not find exactly what I wanted but something very close. I got my package yesterday.  It is better than what I was originally looking for.  It is perfect.  Oh it is a rain chain and it is going to look great hanging from my pool room gutter.  You are the best thanks."


Jess P  

Nashville, TN



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