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August 2010


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5 Great Flowering Vines for A Stunning Outdoor Décor

5 Great Flowering Vines for A Stunning Outdoor Décor

Flower vines are among the most beautiful type of decor you can give to any garden. A great colourful choice of flowers placed on a strategic location will leave any onlooker more than stunned and enjoying the nice new look you have provided for your fences, patio, arch, gazebo, or just about anything you have in the garden. Naturally, first you have to pick the flowers you will be planting and then providing garden care for, but that option should not be visually challenging. What is challenging is picking the proper ones which will stick around longer till you get used to doing the vines garden maintenance. Here are some options you might enjoy:

#1 – Sweet Pea

These flowers are good for landscaping a nice garden decor for so many reasons. First, they look really pretty, second, they have a sweet and unobtrusive aroma which you can only enjoy, and third, they grow up to 8 feet tall and crawl up most surfaces where they can exist even in northern regions. They have different types, but all of them are vibrant and look very energetic. With these flowers you bring a sense of motion to the garden.

#2 – Trumpet Vine

This great flower not only looks great, but it can also cover your whole wall or fence. They reach up to 40 feet, which means that they can cover a massive amount of space and you will have to cut them to keep them in check if they go overboard. They love sunlight, but you can plant them in a shadier place as well, as long as they can at least get most of the sunlight of the day.

#3 – Clematis

Get the taller version of this flower, plant it near whatever you want it to crawl up to, and then let it do the crawling and conquering. These gentle colourful flowers will bring a lot of visual joy to whatever they hang on to. They look amazing, they are bigger than the two aforementioned flowers so they will leave a bigger impact. The only drawback is that they are not as tall and will cover only partially the area you want them to.

#4 – Zephirin Drouhin Rose

The rose is a classic flower to have in the garden, so why not hang it up the wall and fence and door as well? This nice vine version of the rose gives you just that opportunity, letting you place the rose to a location of your liking and letting be all... well, rose-y. Enjoy the colours, the scent, and try to avoid the thorns. Those become a bit more dangerous after they learn the art of climbing. You wouldn’t want to poke your eyes out on your brand new wall decor, right?

#5 – Emerald Falls Dichondra

While not exactly climbing flowers, this plant is excellent when hung around windows to give it a nice green waterfall sense. It can also be used to fill in empty spaces on the ground and separate flowers. It is a marvellous pure green flower that does not obstruct vision, does not give annoying odours and its leaves always leave a brilliant fresh look behind. Put it next to doors and windows, or hang them from pots around an arch. It only needs some sun and well-drained soil and it will thrive as a constant decoration for any place you put it in.

Make your choice and hang the vines, and then enjoy them as they climb, crawl, and simply flourish in your garden. Provide the right garden care to give them the maintenance they need. If you do not know how to grow them simply ask your local gardeners and they will give you useful advice. Then brag about your flowering vines and tease your neighbours.

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