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August 2010


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Create A Path Thru Your Garden With Stepping Stones


Stepping stone paths go back to the late 16th century, introduced to Japanese garden design for the practice of the tea ceremony. The tea garden is called Roji in Japanese. The stepping stones called tobi-ishi were created so the visitors would not have to walk over the mossy ground. This would serve as a way to guide the visitor to a certain destination as well as preserve the grass. The stepping stones were placed in varying intervals creating irregular paths. Some of the stones were placed in specific area and were intended for a specific use. These stones were called step stones. These step stones are found near a veranda or entrance to the house or tea room. The visitor would place his shoes on the step stone before entering the home.  
Today stepping stones serve a practical purpose in the Japanese or Zen garden they are put in the garden as art. A well placed path of stepping stones defines a path to walk thru the garden without trampling the flowers. It also provides a drier place to step in moist areas. Stepping stones in a given path should look like they came from the same family with similar texture and color.   Some stepping stones can also be hung on fences or sheds as garden art. They come in a large assortment of patterns, shapes, colors and textures.   There are no limits to what you imagination and envision.

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