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August 2010


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Unique Bird Houses for Different Bird Species


Whether someone is an avid bird watcher or just enjoys watching birds interact in their backyard, bird houses can be a great addition to a backyard or open space and provide important and safe housing for neighborhood birds and their chicks.
Bird Houses
While many are familiar with traditional bird houses, there are actually many different types of housing options for birds that can vary based on the type of species an individual is trying to attract to their backyard. For example, a bird house for a screech owl needs to be large enough for them to fit comfortably and should have a three inch round entry hole. This type of bird house should be mounted 10 to 20 feet above the ground. A wood duck house, however, is quite different. Bird houses for this type of species will have a three inch by four inch oval entry hole, as well as some type of climbing aid for ducklings to get in and out of the bird house comfortably. Therefore, it is important to make sure the bird house matches the species in the area.
Other types of bird houses offer a comfortable place for birds that are nesting. These are unique spaces that offer what is now hard to find for many birds. Through the continuous clearing of land, it is becoming increasingly difficult for bird to find natural nesting spaces to hatch and raise their young. Cavity nesting bird houses can offer that exact type of space!
Obviously birds prefer natural spaces, so it only makes sense when picking bird houses to look for natural materials like wood in their manufacturing. Terra cotta is also another good natural material and has a color that blends well into nature, making it a logical material choice.
Some bird houses can be both function and fun! Many are quite decorative with colorful pain and designs. Still others are made of natural materials like wicker, moss, tree bark and twigs, to name a few.
Regardless of the type of bird house someone selects, it will provide a valuable living space for the birds in the neighborhood. Additionally, it will bring hours of enjoyment to those who enjoy watching the birds enter and exit their bird houses and hatch their chicks for years to come. Ultimately, it is providing a safe place for the local birds to live.
Resource Box:
If someone is looking to purchase one of the many bird houses that are available for their backyard or open space, they should check out the selection at http://www.fortheloveofgardens.com/:
Article Summary:
A bird house can be a great way to both enjoy neighborhood birds while also providing an important living space for local birds. There are many different types of bird houses to choose from, as well as many different price ranges, so everyone can find something to meet both their space requirement and their budget.

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