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August 2010


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The Fun Of Sundials


Sundials can be traced back to 3500 B.C. and have been enjoyed and used for time-tracking purposes since. Today they are still used in wonderful ways to accentuate a backyard or garden in a variety of different styles and designs.
At its core, a sundial is a device that is used to measure time based on the shadow on the device from the sun. In order for a sundial to provide accurate time, the thin rod or sharp metal edge (often called a style) must point to true north (not the north magnetic pole) and the style's horizontal angle must equal the sundial's geographical latitude. While it sounds complicated, it can really be quite simple with just a little research online. They can be placed both vertically or horizontally and some are even small enough to fit on a pocket! Many are very artistic and cylindrical in shape and used as outdoor art installations in large public spaces.
Today, sundials are no longer needed to determine time, but they are still quite popular. Many use them as unique and interesting pieces in a backyard or garden. They can even be placed in smaller areas such as a patio, balcony or porch if someone lives in a small place, such as an apartment or condo and wants to have a unique piece in their living space.
Because they are outside facing the elements, sundials are often made of sturdy materials, such as cast iron, bronze, aluminum, brass and even cement. They can be either simple in design or quite artistic and ornate! A sundial can be found to meet anyone’s style, open space size and budget.
Sundials can be placed and displayed in a variety of different ways. For example, some sundials are designed so they can be placed in a flower bed without damaging the delicate plants around it. Others can be placed on a pedestal that can be positioned in many different locations around a backyard. Still others can be placed right on the ground, perhaps in front of a flower bed. Consider even purchasing multiple sundials to “frame” a garden or backyard!
Ultimately, sundials are a great way to honor the history of time tracking while creating a unique space in a garden or backyard. They can also be an interesting conversation piece while guests enjoy a friend’s backyard or patio during a party or other gathering.
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If someone is looking to purchase one of the many unique sundials that are available for their backyard, porch, patio or open space, they should check out the selection at http://www.fortheloveofgardens.com/:
Article Summary:
A sundial is a great way to share a person’s unique style in a backyard or garden. There are many different types of sundials to choose from, as well as many different price ranges, so everyone can find something to meet both their space requirement and their budget while making their open space unique!

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