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August 2010


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The Fun of Garden Statuary


From fairies to gnomes to angels and more, garden statuary can be both unique and fun!
Historically, individuals would place a garden sculpture depicting gods and kings through temple compounds, sacred lakes and sacred spaces. During the renaissance period, they enjoyed resurgence in use when they were once again placed in gardens for everyone’s enjoyment. Since then, garden statuary turned into both an important part of outdoor art and a fun way to display outdoor art installations.
Placing items like a garden sculpture in an outdoor space or backyard can bring a bit of whimsy and fun, even if it isn’t located actually in a garden! If someone lives in a condo or an apartment, it is easy to purchase a smaller garden sculpture in an entranceway, patio, or even steps leading to a person’s home.
Placement of statuary is a great way to show off a person’s personal taste and style. There are a variety of different options when selecting a sculpture, from gnomes, to different types of bugs, ants and grasshoppers, to cherubs and angels, the possibilities are limitless!
The size of these unique sculptures can vary as much as their style and price point. Regardless of a person’s budget or space constraint, everyone can find something special. A fun way to use these special little creatures is to place several spaced out along a walk way to a backyard or patio. Even consider selecting several based on a specific theme, such as cherubs, and build an entire outside area based on that theme! That can include stepping stones, fire pits, patio furniture and bird feeders.
Ultimately, there are many different ways an individual can make their outdoor space special and comfortable, regardless of the size. One way to add to that unique feel, can include the placement of garden statuary.
Resource Box:
Designing a garden or creating a unique outdoor space is a great way to show off an individual’s creativity and style, which can include garden statuary. For ideas check out: http://www.fortheloveofgardens.com/.
Article Summary:
Making a backyard or outdoor space unique can feel like both a creative opportunity and a creative challenge. Luckily, there are great types of garden statuary available today to fit every person’s outdoor space and budget.

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