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August 2010


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6in. Rocking Fountain & Pump Kit
Description   The rocking fountain has been redesigned to offer better performance, reliability and a new look. This rocking fountain, known as a deer scarer or shishi odoshi, combines sound and motion to create a compelling water feature. The fountain's bamboo arm rocks forward when it fills with water, then rocks back to make a gentle clacking sound. Originally used to scare deer and wild boar, the fountain now serves as a beautiful central garden feauture. The rocking fountain is easy to install because it's designed as a single unit, mounted to a base. Simply place the fountain next to a pond or a shallow container, put the pump in the water and enjoy. Available in three sizes - Micro (6 tall), Mini (12 tall) and Regular (20 tall). (submersible pump included).
Price   $42.95
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